Banana-oatmeal protein pancakes

Long time no see, folks! And long due post, I know. I’ve been so busy this last month that I couldn’t find the time to gather a proper recipe, and so lazy that I actually mainly survived on a diet of porridge and pancakes (with the occasional greens. Because. Clean. Eating. Yep). And I don’t even have breakfast.

Zucchini casserole

Here is a quick recipe that’s bound to please the entire family, even people who are not too much into zucchini. It’s easy to make, full of flavor, and diet friendly if you control your calories.

Inratable ratatouille [ɛ̃ʁatablə ʁatatuj]

Since I’m French it was not long before I was going to present a typically French recipe. I guess everybody has heard of ratatouille by now, especially since the release of the delicious 2007 Pixar movie, even if the dish presented there is not a real ratatouille but a provençal tian, more precisely a version of it called confit Byaldi.